I'll publish any comments about the show here, good or bad (but mostly the good ones!)

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David Ryan: The radio show was so good I almost regretted my comments about the eagle photo. A great radio voice and very professional, add in the fact that its based on fishing and you have a winner, looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

Getyatackleout: Thank you David, it was in fact, a Red Kite. Being a Brighton & Hove Albion supporter (Seagulls), I could never hold an Eagle! (Crystal Palace)

  • John Herrieven: Very interesting and informative commentary from Paul, including interviews with Bobb Nudd and the Dublin Angling Initiative. Well worth a listen.. ;-)
  • Getyatackleout: There will be more interesting interviews coming in the next episode.

  • Getyatackleout: One criticism I've received about the audio was the lack of rewind or fast forward facility. May I remind listeners that this is supposed to replicate a radio transmission. However, after each weeks programme, the previous show will go into an archive section that may downloaded into your own media player giving you full control.
  • Robbie Phelan: For Mobile users and if you want to attract listeners. really need to have the audio in a working format...otherwise visitors will move on..I am using a galaxy s 2 and cant I have the patience to trouble shoot problem. .probably not...Robbie..
  • Getyatackleout: Fair comment, I originally tested on a Galaxy Ace 2 and it worked perfectly so was unaware of any problems until notified on Friday. If you'd used a laptop, you would have notice it was an audio/visual experience. Just as well I had a month before the first official airing to get these teething troubles sorted. I am going to upload an audio only option today. Thank you very much for your input.
  • Robbie Phelan: Some users will not be technical enough to understand flash apps etc.. I updated mine last night and I got to listen to the programme. ..well done and congratulations. was worth a listen... just keep on eye on both TAFI Facebook and website re trout events and competitions. well as Ireland hosting the world championship in July. .best of luck. .Robbie
  • Getyatackleout: Monday 4th March, I've updated the options, you can now listen to the audio only in your chosen media player or phone, and touch wood, there will be no further problems........